Park Vision

We are committed to a pro-active approach to sustainability for the buildings we develop, own and manage. In every new building we design and construct, we seek to maximize energy efficiency, create the healthiest environment possible, and minimize the building’s environmental impact. We achieve these goals through a systems approach to design and construction of the project, utilizing state of the art equipment, materials and construction techniques. Every office building in Redstone Gateway will be built to achieve a minimum LEED certification.

North Americans spend over 90% of their time in buildings, and much of that time is spent at work. Buildings are responsible for 60% of total electricity use and over 30% of total energy used annually. Buildings also account for significant portions of fresh water consumption during both construction and occupancy. Material waste during construction accounts for 12-53% of landfill, depending on location.

A well designed, sustainable building works to reduce the impact on the environment, while garnering additional benefits for both the owner and tenants. The benefits that accrue to the tenant include increased productivity, reduced operating costs and a positive message for public relations.